Tiësto, Elements of Life

I really like Tiësto music. When I bought Elements of Life i thought it was a great album. But when i went to Foro Sol to his live performance, it was amazing. For example, this song. In the album it’s a really good track, but live… no words left to say. Tiësto made a special mix lyric-never-released-before included.

He is great ! =)

Fire, The element the comes from the south
Fire, as the the sun that heats the earth
Warms our hearts and homes
Fire as energy, light and heat
the blaze that ignites that vital inner force
that we all need for sole survival
Fire is the energy that enables our spiritual growth
Fire is inner passion that inspires us
To seek and find love in everyone
when you let fire consume your being
Your soul becomes one with the universe


Tiësto en México

El 19 de enero estuve presente en el Foro Sol. Llegué tempranísimo, me fui  después de amanecer.

Eran las 5 de la mañana y Tiësto seguía tocando.

Aquí un par de vídeos que tomé ese día.